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eScape Magazine is an online magazine dedicated the Transport Tycoon community, released and published on October 1st 2013, replacing a previous newsletter highlighting Simuscape developments on a monthly basis. eScape Magazine is currently scheduled for 6-9 issues per year depending on the overall activities within the community, presenting news, articles, community updates and more.

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December issue of eScape Magazine scheduled to be published close to Christmas!


With the October issue 2013 of eScape Magazine we introduced a new concept to our readers. The intention is to bring community developments with a newspaper appearance to better provide information about what's going on around the community, what projects are in development, what files are new and available to download, and other important events, making it easier to keep updated and where to find everything.

The main purpose is to highlight the TTDLX-community at large and in a sense "advertise" our presence as a thriving community filled with enthusiastic fans providing their knowledge and skills to improve the game we're focusing on. And as such hopefully attract new fans to join in! As part of this concept we also invite current members of the TTDLX-community to contribute with their own articles related to TTDLX in all its forms. Be it about the game itself, new official releases, personal developments of files, scenarios or regular gameplay, whatever may be of interest! Our goal is also to provide you with latest news about developments regarding OpenTTD and - if available - also TTDPatch, as well as presenting community members in a more personal way, sharing their interests, their views and many other things regarding TTDLX.

If you have any other ideas, don't hesitate to bring them forward. Contact us and we'll look into it!

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Writing for eScape Magazine.....

We are currently searching for a writer/journalist to join the Editorials Office! Interested?

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