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Using the services of Simuscape is by a rule of thumb always free of charge - regardless of how much you visit us or how many times you download custom files. That on the other hand doesn't mean that providing a service such as Simuscape is free of charge. There are always costs to consider, in this case hosting services, domain fees, and more. All of it currently provided by and paid for solely by the publisher of Simuscape.

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If your understanding is that a service such as Simuscape is important and fills a purpose for you as a member, you are of course more than welcome to contribute also financially. Any contributions, regardless of size, is important for the continuous upkeep of our online services. Payments through our PayPal account is made using a credit or a debit card. You don't need to sign up for a PayPal account. Your payments are accepted in the following currencies;

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To make a donation, simply click any of the PayPal-buttons below, (depending on preferred currency), and you will be immediately transferred to our PayPal-account for further instructions! Should you encounter any problems, or need to discuss other contribution options, please contact Team Simuscape!

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

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