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PostPosted: 09 Apr 2012, 12:33 
Simuscape Officials
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Welcome to Simuscape!

Once upon a time there was... well, nothing really, then came 1994 and more importantly, the year after. But for the sake of arguments, it was in 1994 the Scottish-based game developer Chris Sawyer brought this new vision of game art to the world with his Transport Tycoon, a game which places the player in charge of a business transport company. However it was the year after, at the end of 1995, he succeded this vision by releasing the final version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, these days mainly referred to as TTDLX, before moving on to his greatest achievement of all time, the Roller Coaster Tycoon-series. But that's a completely different story, and not one we're going to dig any deeper into here...

And where there are game developers, there are bound to be fans, some of them with more skills than others - and above all, an interest in making released games even better. As such, several years after the final release of TTDLX, Josef Drexler, in the TTDLX-community known as Patchman, started to write on what was to become the TTDPatch, (TTDP), a modification of the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe. With TTDPatch the players were given a completely new freedom to customize their own personal game styles. Introducing not only improvements from a visual point of view, up to this date an extended list of various features are now available, never implemented in the original game. The alternative to TTDPatch, the Open source simulation, (OpenTTD or OTTD for short), has taken a somewhat different approach and has an even more extended list of available features for the player to choose from.

Briefly About Us...

Simuscape is, at this point, solely dedicated to TTDLX and the development of new graphics and other custom files for an enhanced gaming experience. This is a 2d-revival site which means we are focusing on classic games made for a 2d-environment as opposed to the more common 3d-environment these days, and accordingly also other games and game files will be added in the future such as for instance SimCity 2000. We work in two different ways and have a different setup than what's usually common in most other similar places online;

The difference between the Visual Studio and the Artists Guild is that the latter allows a member to benefit from a more private and personal environment, where developments may proceed without the normal disturbance of other members, eager to see any custom files in the works released. A Guild member master its own workshop and have a greater freedom than a member using the Visual Studio in terms of moderation abilities. This means, amongst other things, that a Guild member is in control what is showcased outside a personal workshop, without the fear of any unfinished material finding its way outside to a public audience. And as such not even bots are allowed entrance!

Not entirely familiar with graphics or equipped with any coding skills, one of our more important features is the Simucademy with SimuSchool, governed by Master Mentor wallyweb. Simply ask questions and learn how to perform certain tasks, whether it's about graphics or coding issues or anything else. Our Simucademy comes with manuals, tutorials and other valuable guides for you to become an even better artist at developing your own custom files. And further more a Wikiscape is in the works, where you can find useful information and various lists that may be of great assistance and help you to find what you are looking for.

We host our own downloads area, the Downloads Library, where the latest updated versions of custom files may be obtained for use in your games. All custom files available and listed are free at any time. The only exception are Donation Collections, provided with the sole purpose of adding financial aid to the maintenance of Simuscape. And while we do our best to serve our members with everything that may be needed and desired for, there is also more to find and discover online. Our Links Library lists as many of those additional online resources as possible.

Simuscape is divided into five, (5), different categories, each of them providing different options depending on whether you are visiting as a guest or if you are a registered user and logged on;

  • Public Arena - No access restrictions, but guests only allowed to post in the Guest Scribbles & Giggles forum...
  • Visual Studio - No access restrictions, but guests not allowed to post...
  • The Vault - No access restrictions, but registration required to download files...
  • Artists Guild - Access to Guild members only...
  • Official HQ - Access to Team Simuscape only. Not visible to public users...

Learn More...

Additional information about Simuscape, what we offer, features available, and more, can be obtained following any of the links provided below. Our Terms of Use, ToS, and the FAQ explains most questions you may have, and if you still need more help or assistance, we have the Contact Us further down this page. Navigate through Simuscape is usually quite easy, and to make it even more efficient you can find QuickLinks below the header on all forum pages, offering shortcuts to some of the features available, both on Simuscape and on external locations. You will also notice that for the sake of navigation itself, each forum category has their own colour labels with some variety depending on the forum subject itself.

As with any other website online there are laws and/or rules and guidelines to follow with the purpose to secure either a common behavior or the explicit usage of content available and provided in different forms. These laws and/or rules and guidelines are either website-focused, (as is the case with our Terms of Use, ToS), or state-official, (provided by local laws and/or EU legislations). Simuscape is based in Sweden and is from a legal point of view also part of the European Union, which means that EU Legislations referring to the Information Technology applies to our site. A summary of EU's legislations regarding the information society can be viewed here!

Although custom files listed and available are free to obtain from our Downloads Library, (with the exception of Donation Collections), most of them comes with licenses describing an end user agreement to abide when downloading for personal use. More information about these specific licenses are available with each specific custom file listed and available to download. Further more, members of the Artists Guild, and in some cases the Artists Guild Team, are required to agree to our Non Disclosure Agreement, NDA. This is to ensure that any content provided within the Artists Guild are not subject to a public access until an official release by the copyright holder/s, and as such listed and available from the Downloads Library. The same Non Disclosure Agreement, NDA may apply to members allowed access to specific projects within our Visual Studio - Simuniquem area.

  • Simuscape is based in Sweden, Europe
  • Simuscape is subject to EU legislations, (incl. local laws)
  • Simuscape is offered and processed in English only

As with any other modern means of interactions among people, Simuscape is also available on Facebook and Twitter. Other options to recieve information about news, updates and the sort includes RSS-feeds, (only public categories listed), and eScape, our monthly Magazine & Newsletter. The eScape Magazine & Newsletter is presented by our editor at large, La Mimita Chiquita, and is also available for subscription even if you are not a member of Simuscape. To learn more about eScape, please have a closer look inside the eScape forums!

Join Us...

As a visitor to Simuscape you are having a "Guest status" which means you are able to see and read only some forum categories available. This is to ensure you are able to get an idea of what to find and what to expect having a registered account with Simuscape. In particular this means that the graphics forums are unavailable as well as the option to download custom files listed until you are a registered member. We are also determined to do our best to prevent commercial ads/spambots from entering and cause havoc, and our registration process has proven to be successful, not allowing any of these intruders entrance! Registering your Simuscape account only takes a few minutes, and if you need help to proceed and to bypass our spambot countermeasures, please view the links below;

Contact Us...

Still in need of help or assistance? Have questions in general about Simuscape not available on specified pages? Want to get in touch with the administrative team, Team Simuscape? As a registered member you can reach us through our boards pm-system or by e-mail. As a non-registered member you can reach us through e-mail, or as an alternative, by posting in our Guest Scribbles & Giggles, a forum available without a registered Simuscape account! You can find it inside the Simuscape General forums, and it is especially useful if there are things you'd like to add or want to get off your chest, for whatever reasons you may have. You can of course also reach other Simuscape groups such as Master Mentors and Moderators. All legends are displayed at the bottom of the boards index in their own specific colours.

Team Simuscape


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PostPosted: 29 Jan 2016, 18:35 
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i would thank the administrator for his patience in getting me logged in.i never realised that i had to post a message to become an active m ... f=14&t=56# :W member :W active

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PostPosted: 30 Jan 2016, 01:30 
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So you made it! :W :)

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PostPosted: 30 Jan 2016, 17:13 
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Yo're welcome geoffphare... :)


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