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The SL13 license is an Artistic License included with each separate listed file available as a download within The Vaults of Simuscape, unless otherwise noted or referred to. The license stipulates copyright and distribution restrictions/guidances to be accepted when obtaining any of the separately listed files from within The Vaults of Simuscape. The SL13 license is in full usage since January 2013.

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 Custom File License - SL13

Terms and conditions......

Custom files available and downloaded from Simuscape are for personal use only. Modifications or content extractions are not permitted in regards to included fragmented works in some circumstances of other artists whose respective licenses do not permit third hand recast. Uploading, hosting, (including content download services), or any other attempt to provide a custom file available and downloaded from Simuscape to users elsewhere is not permitted.

 License Exceptions

Special notes...................

Exceptions from this license, (SL13), may be granted upon request. To obtain such permission, please contact the author, link available from the download location or from within the download package.

 License Updates

Notification of changes...

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