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PostPosted: 01 Aug 2013, 06:42 
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Information & Guidance - Artists Guild
Usage, information and descriptions...

What is the Artists Guild?

The Artists Guild environment allows a member to benefit from a more private and personal environment, where developments may proceed without the normal disturbance of other members, eager to see any custom files in the works released. A Guild member master its own workshop and have a greater freedom than a member using the Visual Studio in terms of moderation abilities. This means, amongst other things, that a Guild member is in control what is showcased outside a personal workshop, without the fear of any unfinished material finding its way outside Simuscape. And as such not even bots are allowed entrance!

How to become an Artists Guild member?

There are two different memberships available, either as an Artists Guild member which means your membership is granted with reference to your skills, your various projects, or other significant circumstances, providing you with the ability to create your own personal workshop/category, or as an Artists Guild Team member which means you have been invited to participate and assist in one or more personal workshops/categories. As an Artists Guild member access is granted to the entire Simuscape site with the exception of any personal workshop/category, unless otherwise noted, as well as the Official HQ, incl. the Boardroom. Assisting Artists Guild Team members are granted access only to the Guild Common and the Guild Workshops sections, (assigned personal workshops/categories), besides areas normally accessible by Simuscape members. For a more comprehensive description of individual permissions, please refer to each personal workshops/categories Permission Access List! To apply for an Artists Guild membership, please contact Team Simuscape, see below for contact information!

How does it work?

As an Artists Guild member you have the option to request for a personal workshop/category inside the Guild Workshop section. With a personal workshop/category you are provided with additional moderator abilities, allowing you to handle announcements, stickies, and the sort. You are also allowed to hand out permissions regarding other Artists Guild members, and invite Simuscape members to become Artists Guild Team members, assisting you with your projects in development. Direct feedback is provided by fellow Artists Guild members on condition permission access has been granted, as well as indirect feedback is provided by Simuscape members on condition a personal showcase category has been set up inside the Visual Studio Guild Members section. To request for a personal workshop/category, please contact Team Simuscape and provide the following information;

  • Name of the project
  • If a setup includes both the Artists Guild and the Visual Studio Guild Members
  • Permission Access List

What are the alternatives?

Depending on your project/s, your ability to actively devote time and effort, an alternative to an Artists Guild membership and a personal workshop/category inside the Guild Workshops section is to have a personal workshop/category set up inside the Visual Studio Simuniquem section. The difference between the former and the latter is mainly about mastering options, overall accessibility, and assisting team members. Team Simuscape reserves the right to measure submitted conditions upon granting a personal workshop/category request, either inside the Guild Workshops section or inside the Visual Studio Simuniquem section.

What are the rules and regulations?

As an Artists Guild member with a personal workshop/category implemented you are the sole owner of any material provided, (i.e. text, screens, files, etc...), and as such you have the right to request for a deletion upon your memberships termination. Becoming an Artists Guild member you are obligated to abide by the rules and regulations stipulated by our NDA, (Non Disclosure Agreement), besides our ToS, (Terms of Service). These requirements also applies to Simuscape members invited to become Artists Guild Team members.

Contact Team Simuscape
Help, assistance or general questions...

Problems or other issues with this section of the forums? As a registered member you can file a report either through our boards pm-system, through e-mail, or a reply to this topic. As a non-registered member the available options are through e-mail or, as an alternative, a post in our Guest Scribbles & Giggles, available inside the Simuscape Generals forums! To contact other team member groups, please view our legends displayed at the bottom of the boards index.

Team Simuscape


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