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The Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame recognizes and honour those who in various ways through their contributions and efforts have played a significant role in the creation and development of the game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, incl. TTDPatch and OpenTTD, thus being part of forming a community that many others can reap the benefits of today.

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 Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame - Ballot


Once a new Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame event has been announced and the nomination process has ended with all the nominations tabulated, the ballot is introduced. The ballot is executed through a closed poll to ensure that any vote submitted isn't influenced by other members votes, something which may give a misleading result. The nominees receiving the highest number of individual nominations will be subject to the ballot, and the total number of nominees that can be accommodated is capped at 10. If one or more of the nominees of your own choice aren't among the ones listed in the ballot, it's due to receiving too few nominations compared to other nominees. Only one vote can be submitted, meaning that it is NOT allowed to submit votes on each participating forums ballot, should multiple accounts be in possession. Discovery of such voting behaviour will result in the annulment of the incorrectly placed votes - something that ultimately may lead to an inductee being deprived of a Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame installation.

In the event one or more nominees has received a comparable number of nominations, and the cap of 10 nominees hasn't been reached, a separate closed poll, (i.e. Selective Ballot), will be executed, running for a week. Should also this Selective Ballot end up in a tie, a second Selective Ballot will run for four, (4), days, and if the result still ends up in a tie, a third and final Selective Ballot will follow, running for two, (2), days. Should a tie situation at this point still prevail, the Final Ballot will include all nominees subject to the third Selective Ballot.

In the event that the Final Ballot results in a tie, the same procedure as for the initial selection process is executed. If in the third Selective Ballot, a tie still remains, all of the nominees subject to the third Selective Ballot will be inducted to the Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame.

When the ballot time frame has expired the inducted Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame winner will be announced in SimuTalk TTDLX forums, the News & Feedback section. A more comprehensive description of the inductee to the Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame is also published inside the Hall of Fame chambers.

The events for 2013, (nominations and ballots procedures), has been closed. The events for 2014 will be announced in time for the nomination procedure to start!

To view inductees elected to the Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame, please refer to the Index - Chamber list below!

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