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La Mimita Chiquita, eScape Magazine Editor at large...
eScape Magazine
• eScape Magazine - October issue 2013 • A Simuscape Experience • Presented by La Mimita Chiquita - Editor at large • Dedicated the Transport Tycoon community •


Turn the page and look to the future

Sep 30, 2013, by La Mimita Chiquita

Welcome to the October issue of eScape Magazine!

What started out this last spring as a simple newsletter distributed to Simuscape members on a monthly basis, has from this issue and onwards turned into a completely new online magazine, dedicated the entire Transport Tycoon community. A magazine for every taste filled with news, articles, interviews and information, regardless of preferred fansites or forums. And on top of that, always with the latest and most complete list of new or updated files for your favourite games! Anything for a true and dedicated Transport Tycoon fan! And that's a promise, because finally we have arrived! The all new eScape Magazine!

We have kept part of the original newsletter design, the layout, the colours, but otherwise you will notice that in front of you is something extra with all the goodies you can expect from a community magazine!
And it doesn't stop there. The content is actually a choice of your own, and your choice alone! The Transport Tycoon community itself travels way back and hides an endless amount of interesting resources to dig up, just waiting to be highlighted again. But the most interesting resource is you! You are the player, you are the fan of the game, and you are what makes this community still standing its position despite a never ending transforming game industry out there. As simple as that!

eScape Magazine is presented and published by Simuscape, and information about the latest issue available can always be found at both Simuscape and TT-forums. You also have the option to subscribe! Quick and easy! Can it get much better? Welcome to turn a page with us!

Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame - Ballot to start!

Sep 25, 2013, by La Mimita Chiquita

Time for the second round this year to vote for your favourite candidate to be the next inductee to the Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame. The event launched by Simuscape earlier this year, honour those who in various ways through their contributions have played a significant role in a game and a community that we can all reap the benefits of today.

Not surprisingly Chris Sawyer himself was elected as the first inductee in a close fight with Josef Drexler, the creator of TTDPatch, when the results from the first ballot this last spring was presented. And now it's time to ensure that a new candidate accompanies Chris Sawyer as an inductee to the Transport Tycoon Hall of Fame. The nomination period that started in September has ended, rounding up with 10 prominent nominees, all of them worthy a recognition for their contributions.

   eScape Opinions

Bring the Estacion de Atocha - or something else!

Sep 25, 2013, by La Mimita Chiquita

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to see your own stations show up in yours or someone else's game? Too difficult you think, both to draw and to code. Honestly, drawing is one thing, getting the masterpiece to also show up and function in game is another.

Usually it's the coding itself that produces the obstacles, but at times there are other skilled coders around. Problem is that for the most part they're busy with other projects, and the queue is often long. But there are always other options available. Like doing it yourself! Thanks to Quast65, the master behind creations such as Dutch Delta Works, ISR Style Dock and Objects and Beach Objects, there's an excellent guide available inside Simuscape's Simucademy with everything you need to know to start drawing and coding your own stations. Can you really ask for more?

   Column Chronicle
Banning isn't for fun - only slightly!

They say Sapphire United wasn't to pleased finding himself recently banned for doing - well, movies. Annoying members are lucky to be around at all, TT-forums Owen Rudge said in a short statement...
Theft is shit - in a blink of an eye!

Rumour has it that George, the author of ECS and LV's, had it coming when presenting an alpha of CS Castles. One more shit and you're out, Minime, Tyconnez Com:munity, responded with authority...
Silence is virtue - if dinner is at stake!

According to some, rivalry is its own worst enemy. Whether it's true or not a terrified SquireJames, TT-forums, is reported hiding from a hungry dragon luring somewhere in the bushes, utterly afraid to become its next dinner if not keeping his utmost silence...
More gossip around the corner?

Heard some gossip you want to share? Contact eScape and let us know...

War is - Transport Tycoon

Although most people recognize Transport Tycoon Deluxe for its rather peaceful approach, there are indeed enthusiasts out there convinced that an occasional state of war doesn't hurt that much.

Just how widely spread this might be is quite unknown, but in any case it seems at least Lt_Gable doesn't think twice going down that road. Is there perhaps an invasion in sight?

New files added/updated in September;

• NewGRF's;
Modern German U-Bahn (Test)
MariCo, v. 0.31 (Upd.)
Bulgarian Town Names (New)
German RV, v. 0.3 (Upd.)
eGRVTS2, r. 188 (Upd.)
Fake Bridges, v. 0.2 (New)
Hungarian Truck Set, v. 3f (Test)
Japanese Town Names (New)
daBart Long Road Vehicle Set (Test)
Pipelines - PIPE, v. 6.1 (Upd.)
NUTS, v. 0.5.9 (Upd.)
FRISS Rail Infrastructure, v. 0.5.1 (Upd.)
FRISS Stations & Other, v. 0.5.2 (Upd.)
Finish Train Set, v. 0.5.8 (Upd.)
Polish PKP Set, v. 2.0.8 (Upd.)

• Patches & Game Scripts (GS);
Total Route Profit (New)
Yet Another Patch Pack, v. 2.7,1 (Upd.)
Lost Cargo Cost, stable 1.3.2 (New)
Neighbours are important, v. 13 (Upd.)
Feca Goal Games, v. 7 (Upd.)
Signals - tunnels/bridges, v. 3.03 (Upd.)

• AI's;
MailAI, v. 2.0 (Upd)

• Scenarios;
South America (New)
Kick Start (New)
Denmark (Upd. Link)
A Song of Ice and Fire, v. 1.03 (Upd. Link)

• Heightmaps;
Very Flat Heightmap (New)

• Admin Tools;
Soap (New)

• Multiplayer/Servers;
Luukland S. E. 2013.09.26 (Upd)
  eScape On The Soft Side
Up like a rocket, down like a...

Sep 27, 2013

  It almost feels like a completely staggering     thought to try and grasp that it is almost     20 years since Chris Sawyer through     MicroProse released his Transport Tycoon     to the public for the first time.  

Although not his first encounter with the gaming world, earning a Computer Science degree from Strathclyde University, Chris Sawyer's real career started in 1983 with the production of games for Ariolasoft, Sepulcri Scelerati and Ziggurat, (e.g. Arcazion, Missile Command, Mission Omega). An experience he eventually honed by porting a number of Amiga games for PC, whilst at the same time getting involved in other game projects, (e.g. Virus, Campaign, Frontier Elite 2). His breakthrough however came through the agreement with MicroProse in the early '90s about publishing what initially was called ITS, Interactive Transport Simulation, but upon release in 1994 renamed Transport Tycoon to take advantage of Sid Meier's success with Railroad Tycoon. The following year the successor World Edition was overshadowed by the final version, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, in fact the year of Microsofts Windows 95. The Deluxe version was an improvement with the new Scenario Editor, allowing for players to create and master their own custom-made scenarios, as well...

as the introduction of new climate zones for more player challenges in addition to the concept with the Martian landscape and Toyland.

Last sequel released 2004

Although Chris Sawyer maintained some ambitious plans to develop a sequel, his time and energy soon evolved towards the White Knuckle project, in time for the release in 1999 renamed to the more well-known Roller Coaster Tycoon as a result of Hasbro Interactive's purchase of MicroProse in 1998. The sequel to Transport Tycoon was developed later on, presenting Locomotion in 2004, which never became the hit Chris Sawyer was hoping for. It was indeed criticized for being completely out of date, despite being developed almost a decade after its predecessors. Locomotion only barely survived, thanks to a small group of die hard fans, contributing their own work. Transport Tycoon Deluxe as successful as it may have been, did bring too many restrictions and unsolved bugs. But with a game market that slowly started to annoy and irritate fans for not getting what they paid for, some constructive enthusiasts found their way leading towards an interesting new wave of game modifications, something which undoubtedly has come to shape and characterize an entire gaming industry ever since! And that is probably the main reason as to why a game such as Transport Tycoon is still very much alive among many other games in the 2d-genre that have managed to survive the introduction of a 3d-concept!

TTDPatch and OpenTTD

But the Transport Tycoon story could very well have taken a completely different direction, had it not been for an enthusiast who in 1996 began to grind on improvements and fixing bugs. Question is whether or not Josef Drexler, known as Patchman, at...

Transport Tycoon or Locomotion?

Sep 29, 2013

  After years of absence and battles at     higher levels, Chris Sawyer is finally back     with a sequel to Locomotion from 2004...  

But despite its name, don't be fooled into thinking it's the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe from 1995. It isn't! The game is still, at least graphically - Locomotion, which never became a success upon its release in 2004. But with that said, no need to rule out anything in advance, as this sequel may very well turn out to be what the fans awaits. And by all means, should it fail - yet again, it may at least serve as an eye opener to an audience previously unaware of Chris Sawyers Transport Tycoon-genre from the past.

Personally I'd rather see a Transport Tycoon sequel in a true Deluxe spirit, but with more innovations than its predecessors. There is still a loyal fan base out there nearly 10 years since Locomotion, and perhaps even more impressive; almost 20 years since the Deluxe version. The only thing missing is a dedicated Chris Sawyer, willing to take part and pick up the ideas for a continuation. Or was it Sid Meier alone from former MicroProse who actually realized the importance of an active involvement with the fans to begin with...?

Where did they all go?

Sep 29, 2013

  Imagine yourself, all the chores are done,     no one interferes and you have a moment     to yourself... 

The computer is on and your favourite game fills up the screen, and for a while you can leave the real world out there for your artificial life as a CEO for a transportation company. Your plans, your strategies are as obvious as anything else on that screen in front of you. The new trains travelling from station to station, passing all the fancy houses shaping your towns. Verdant trees nesting the surrounding landscape as your fleet of trucks is fighting its way up towards the snow covered mountain to the furniture factory, waiting for all its goodies to be taken down to your paying customers.

'Lumber mills annoyed me'

And amid all your earned Euros, there isn't room for a reflection about past history, accustomed as you are with...

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